Emerging Technology & Government

Technology continues to impact and change our society, both rapidly and radically. The internet and social media grant us access to an endless amount of information, but also present issues of misinformation and concerns over censorship due to centralized control. The rise of artificial intelligence promises an opportunity to transform and grow our economy, but it also threatens to decimate industries and jobs that many Americans rely on. Big data creates products and services that improve life, but it also creates surveillance tools that can be abused by the government. Emerging technology touches upon several important issues that impact everyday life for all Americans; we need leaders who will work to harness the power that emerging technology offers to make life better for Americans, while reigning in the threats it presents.

We’ll work towards:

  • Developing policies that protect free speech online, while also fighting misinformation.
  • Ensuring that government use of artificial intelligence is restricted as to not abuse civil liberties. 
  • Investing in artificial intelligence initiatives that creates opportunities for all Americans to take part in the transforming economy. 
  • Updating the federal law to ensure individual privacy is protected from government intrusion with respect to personal data stored by companies. 

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