Higher Education

We’ve failed our students by pressuring them into taking on thousands of dollars in debt to attend college, without properly educating them on how to plan for a career that will allow them to pay back that debt. Worse, we’ve neglected to inform them about all of their options, such as trade schools, and have even discouraged them from considering these alternatives. We need to pass on the lessons we’ve learned from our mistakes to the next generation and change the policies that led to the student debt crisis.

At the same time, we must also address other pressing issues in higher education. Our colleges and universities have become increasingly hostile environments for free speech, with many campuses silencing voices that don’t align with a narrow ideological agenda. The proliferation of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives, often promoted at the expense of free speech and open dialogue, is a concerning trend that undermines the fundamental principles of academic inquiry and debate. We need to ensure that our institutions of higher learning remain true to their mission of advancing knowledge and intellectual discourse, while also ensuring that they are inclusive and respectful of diverse viewpoints.

We support:

  • Education policies that stop supporting the rising cost of higher education and programs that allow individuals to pursue career paths towards high-paying jobs without an expensive degree.
  • Encouraging students to consider trade schools and other non-traditional paths to success.
  • Defending free speech and open dialogue on college campuses, and pushing back against policies that seek to silence or censor opposing views.
  • Advocating against policies and initiatives that promote division and equality of outcome under the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion”.

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