Strengthening Democracy

I was living in Washington, D.C. on January 6th when the Capitol was attacked. I witnessed the unrest at the Supreme Court after the Dobbs v. Jackson decision was released. I have personally seen the division our country is experiencing firsthand and how it is impacting our democracy. The proliferation of extremist ideologies pose real threats to our democracy if we don’t address them. On the left, the rise of postmodernism, with its emphasis on subjective truth and the rejection of an objective right and wrong, undermine the core tenets our nation is built on. On the right, blind allegiance to tradition, without scrutiny, makes our society rigid and unable to implement new ideas. We need leaders who are willing to abandon ideology, seek truth, and pursue policies that will serve to strengthen our democracy, not undermine it.

We support:

  • Fighting false narratives of voter suppression and stolen elections.
  • Policies that protect people’s right to receive information without interference from agents or corporations, both foreign and domestic. 
  • Reforms to redistricting that include artificial intelligence to combat gerrymandering. 
  • Maintaining the Supreme Court’s integrity and advocating against “court-packing.”

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